Spanx For Men

spanxformen_01Sure, there are plenty of Spanx out on the market, but most of them until now have been for women. That is no longer true as there are now Spanx For Men. The Spanx for Men line are specially designed to help the contours of a man's body look slim. The makers of Spanx for Men understand that men's and women's bodies are not created equal, so neither should their slimming helpers.


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Spanx for Men shirts have Breatheasy zones to allow for air circulation and moisture wicking. No more unsightly sweat drips or stains! The line of shirts includes the Cotton Compression Crew Neck which helps control the stomach, back and chest. The Spanx for Men Cotton Compression V-Neck controls the same area with a different neckline. The Spanx for Men Zoned Performance Crew and Cotton Compression Tank, Zoned Performance Tank and Zoned Performance V-Neck are both great for walks, runs or workouts. 


Spanx for Men also offers Cotton Comfort Boxer Briefs which help the back and wastline look slimmer. If you prefer a brief, the Cotton Comfort Brief gives the same medium hold and performance. 


No matter if you buy shirts or underwear, each of these products provides a medium amount of support, meaning it can help reshape all the parts of your body that need it. No matter if you want to hide unsightly back rolls, muffin tops, man boobs or even love handles, this new Spanx line will do just that. 


The longer length allows for everything to get tucked in and look smooth. The high-tech material will last a long time, making your new manly Spanx a great investment in your appearance. The flexible cuts leave plenty of room for maneuvering even as it snuggly holds your spare tires in. 


Don't accept any substitute. With all these great features, it is worth it to invest in these authentic Spanx for Men pieces today.